October 24, 2019

The SmartShip Exchange 10-11 oct 2019

by Admin Beamagine in News

Beamagine participated in the SmartShip Exchange Meeting, held last 10th-11th October 2019 in the city of Athens.
The focus of the meeting was based on the technological, regulatory and legal developments necessary to make autonomous and unmanned ships a reality, the latest technology and innovations shaping the maritime industry, and what all this means for the future of shipping.
Beamagine SL presented their latest achievements and perspectives on the use of lidar cameras for autonomous vehicles with different levels of automation and in different environments and applications, with a strong focus in applications on the maritime industry. Our approach to lidar detection allows long-range measurements with high spatial resolution, based on a solid-state approach without moving elements. Further, we have the capability to include a number of different imaging modes for sensor fusion and to add on processing capabilities.