At Beamagine we develop advanced turnkey sensor solutions for all types of autonomous vehicles and smart infrastructures.

Our L3CAM units provide users with a seamlessly integrated sensing solution by merging our proprietary solid-state high-resolution 3D LIDAR with a user-selectable combination of cameras like RGB, thermal, or polarimetric, all in a small-size casing. Simplify your developments avoiding tedious optical calibrations and mechanical integrations.

These complementary imaging modes are fused transparently to the user providing an outstanding set of congruent images that overcomes the typical limitations of single-sensor solutions. For example, stable performance in all ambient conditions, such as day & night, and all weather (rain, fog, dust, and snow).

Additionally, the unit comes with a high-performance embedded computer for edge computing functionalities, ready for perception AI. The multimodal approach of the L3CAM enables a new paradigm in terms of strategies for image-based AI that achieves unique performance, reducing drastically the false detections while achieving confidence values above 98%. The L3CAM hardware unit can be provided as a turnkey solution jointly with the embedded AI for perception.

If you need more advanced functionalities, we have been building tailored developments to our customers in markets like automotive, space, railway, logistics, and robotics. What do you need?



Such combination of performances makes the L3CAM the ideal selection for all types of autonomous vehicle applications in different markets.

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We are devoted to develop lidar, time-of-flight, electro-optical and single photon imaging systems from our experience in combining.


Our 3D lidar imaging approach is based on a multiple-patented approach which provides it unique features compared to our competitors.

Perfect for bright outdoor imaging
L3CAM includes a proprietary technology for active background suppression which enables full performance under broad daylight.
L3CAM is provided with a visualizer compatible with Windows and Linux. ROS drivers are also available. Proudly built in Barcelona!
Beyond 3D point clouds
3D data may be fused with user-selectable imaging modes (RGB, SWIR, polarimetric) without computational cost and free of parallax error.
Beamagine has an active strategy of IP protection, with its technology protected by more than 11 patents extended worldwide.

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