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We have built lidars and multimodal sensors of different kinds, and we have integrated them in different vehicles, different markets, and different countries, for applications with different requirements.

Thus, we know the details and intend to avoid as much pain as possible to you in your project development, be it software or hardware-based. No more recalibrations. No more parallax errors. No more power or data management mistakes in data collection procedures. No more wrong AI model development. Only seamless mounting the unit, connecting one Ethernet cable, installing a Windows/Linux/ROS driver and data comes out already, visible in our provided visualizer, ready for point cloud processing or 3D perception. As AI developer you know the need of reliable, good quality data which is not miscalibrated to build advanced 3D AI perception models of the environment around the vehicle.

Our strengths for you may be summarized in the following bullets:

  • Customized lidar specification and form factor: From polarized lidar to your own specs, in a already developed platform which is solid, stable and compact to reduce your hardware integration efforts to the minimum. Let us the hardware work. On-site installation available. Rental of our instrumented vehicles, or instrumenting your own vehicle for dataset acquisition also possible.
  • Custom imaging modes: Your application might suffice with 3D LIDAR imaging, or need delicate combinations of imaging modes to work in particular environmental conditions. Select the combination of imaging modes between LIDAR, RGB, thermal, polarimetric, or NIR in our custom platform to build your own sensor fusion LIDAR camera. If it does not fit in your needs, request us on customizations, such as other camera types, multiple FOVs or any prototyping need you may have. We serve it all in a ready to use box and accompany you in the setup process.
  • Data fusion: All modes come calibrated off-the-shelf. Our sensor fusion LIDAR camera simply delivers all modes fused through an Ethernet cable so you use them for data collection or 3D AI perception models as they get out of the camera. Data is fused within the accuracy of the 3D LIDAR No recalibrations. No cabling mess. No parallax errors. No timestamps or frame sync.
  • Data collection sessions: We offer 3D AI developers the option of performing data collection sessions for dataset generation with our sensor fusion multimodal units. Scenes are define and our vehicles go to the required site to perform data collection on the place and conditions proposed. Ask for a quote.
  • On-vehicle integration: We have built form scratch different types of instrumented vehicles, with different types of LIDAR. If you are thinking in building your own hardware unit for data collection, let us know. From consultancy support to full development are possible.
  • Deep Neural Network Selection and Training:

We have been doing research in sensor fusion LIDAR cameras, in 3D LIDAR imaging and in 3D perception for some years now. Let us help you and speed up the development of your autonomous vehicle perception system, be it automotive, space, aeronautics, defense or railway LIDAR.