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Multimodal sensing is mandatory when fail-proof detection in all environmental conditions is required.

Our sensor fusion LIDAR cameras also include edge 3D AI perception models dedicated to the specific problem being managed. The advantage of camera LIDAR fusion here is the capability to tackle all sort of environmental conditions, plus the capability to prevent false alarms due to multiple sensing modes using advanced point cloud processing neural networks. Confirmation of alarms between sensing modes may exploit the redundancy of the imaging modes. This supports all types of applications, but in particular 3D perception algorithms for its use as object detection sensor, and applications related to 3D perception and 3D LIDAR whenever geometry plays a role in your problem.

As LIDAR manufacturers, we can tailor our sensing modes to develop the optimal sensor fusion LIDAR camera required in the particular use case being considered. Marine LIDAR or LIDAR railway applications are just examples which cover several different use cases where fail-proof operation of 3D perception is mandatory. This way we take advantage of all the imaging modes that better define the application, developing safer systems for the surveillance of critical installations and better infrastructure management. As long as embedded computing is provided as 3D AI inside the camera, generation of metadata information from computer vision processing of the images compatible with most security centrals can be provided.