The L3CAM is a compact multimodal sensing unit based on our patented lidar imaging sensor technology, protected by 12 patents. It integrates an active  novel approach for background light suppression that boosts the system performance towards long range and high resolution lidar imaging, without the use of any moving element. Beyond lidar, the unit includes a customizable number of imaging modes, including an RGB imager and a thermal sensor. The combination of imaging modes enables to compensate to obtain redundant information, and to compensate their complementary failure modes, so the unit works in all environmental conditions (bad weather, nighttime) and provides perception without false alarms.


No sensor can manage all real-world conditions. RGB cameras have wonderful spatial resolution, but suffer in nighttime conditions. Lidar sensors are the only ones providing the full 3D geometry of a scene, but have limited performance under bad weather. Thermal sensors perform perfectly in bad weather, but lack spatial resolution when affordable.

L3CAM combines all these sensors in a small form factor, vibration-proof casing, which  comes calibrated from factory so all modes are congruent to each other at pixel-level correspondence, and stay calibrated. An edge computer inside the camera provides a data flow of fused data, so you can jump in your perception from one mode to another, or feed all of them together into your AI models.


Just connect your computer to L3CAM with a single Ethernet cable and start acquiring multimodal, perfectly calibrated data. The edge computer in the camera may also be used to embed  your own AI models (it is provided open), so your full system, from sensor to perception alarms, may fit inside the L3CAM. Further, the system is modular so the number of imaging modes embedded can be easily modified, adding the ones you need or removing the ones you’re not going to use.