September 10, 2019

Beamagine will participate in the EPIC Meeting on New Space at European Space Agency, on 12th-13th September 2019, at Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

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The EPIC Meeting on New Space will bring together a set of leading companies to cover some of the key priorities for the “New Space” road map. The purpose of the so called “New Space” trend, is to bring to the Space market mature or established technologies that either compete with or complement existing commercial space services.
Beamagine will present our latest achievements and perspectives related to the use of imaging lidar cameras for vehicles with different levels of automation and in different environments and applications, focused on the space market. Main applications are related to proximity navigation, relative positioning, docking, and object detection in the surroundings of the vehicle or servicing robotic arms, among others. The advantages of Beamagine’s technology, based on a solid-state approach without moving elements enables to achieve long-range measurements with high spatial resolution. The possibility to include multiple imaging modes for sensor fusion within a single unit adds even more value to the proposal of the company.