September 21, 2023

We’re speaking at the 3D Metrology Conference 2023!

by Admin Beamagine in News

Beamagine participates in the 3D Metrology Conference 2023, which will take place in the Basque Country, Spain, from 26 to 28 September 2023. The event is organized in partnership between the Basque technology centres Tekniker and IDEKO, members of the Basque Research and Technology Alliance.

The conference is industry-oriented, with a typical 50:50 mix of industry and research participants. It is an informal and sociable event with excellent networking opportunities. It is a strong supporter of portable and large-volume 3D measurement technologies and also welcomes contributions across the 3D metrology spectrum, e.g., in X-ray CT and 3D surface metrology. In Beamagine’s presentation, our latest findings and updates of LIDAR are detailed, searching to relate the world of 3D metrology for high-precision machining tools with the world of lidar and data fusion.