June 15, 2021

Cupons a la competitivitat empresarial

by Admin Beamagine in News

We are excited to announce that Beamagine has been awarded a development project from ACCIÓ through Cupons per la Competitivitat Empresarial within project ACE028/21/000054 Anàlisi de xarxes de Deep Learning per detecció i seguiment d’objectes en núvols de punts. Within this project Beamagine personnel will be capacited in order to test and implement different types of deep learning algorithms for perception tasks from 3D data.

The project is critical in the digitization strategy of Beamagine, where software developments with perception goals are more and more demanded by our customers. Further, 3D perception is not fully developed field which involves a lot of state of the art research in order to get satisfatory results. Perception in 2D is a well-stablished topic, whicle 3D still requires a lot of progress. The support of the Centre for the Development of Sensors, Systems and Instruments thus becomes a critical part of the project.