The L3CAM is an innovative lidar imaging sensor based on a patented scanning system that enables the measurement in outdoor environments under strong background light conditions. It integrates a novel approach for background suppression that boosts the system performance towards long distance and high resolution imaging, without the use of any moving element. Further, the system is conceived to enable several imaging modes, active and passive, with embedded sensor fusion algorithms, making sensor fusion stages much easier to implement, more robust and stable at the long term.


The system provides an unprecedented balance of performance combining high resolution 3D imaging with real-time frame rate. This is of special interest for applications that require fine detail measurement in presence of moving objects such as obstacle detection and tracking, vehicle navigation or surveillance. Finally, the performance figure can be tailored according to the enduser application requirements and budget. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!

Tailored for your application

The L3CAM has been designed in a modular way, so depending on the combination of elements, different performance figures can be achieved. This approach enables a large number of configurations that can be adapted to the end-user application demands. Parameters like image resolution, frame rate, range, field-ofview or power consumption can be easily adjusted in order to obtain the best-value for money in a highly optimized design.