Mid Range Long Range
Electroptical unit
Laser class - Wavelength Class 1 - NIR
Range (10% reflectivity) 80m 300m
Image resolution 400x225 px 250x150 px
Field-of-view 80x45º 50x30º
Angular resolution 0,2º
Frame rate 10 frames/s
Range accuracy (at maximum range) +-2cm
Inertial sensors Optional: an IMU unit can be integrated with coordinate auto correction algorithm for moving applications.
Size (WxHxD) 150x150x140 mm
Weight 1.5Kg 2.5Kg
Enclosure / Temperature range IP67, -40º to +65º
Power consumption 30W 80W
Supply voltage 24 VDC
Interfaces 100 Mbit UDP Ethernet packets
Integration SDK L3CAM C++ SDK for Windows and Linux
Test application L3CAM demonstration software for Windows and Linux


The L3CAM has been designed in a modular way, so depending on the combination of elements, different performance figures can be achieved. This approach enables a large number of configurations that can be adapted to the end-user application demands. Parameters like image resolution, frame rate, range, field-of-view or power consumption can be easily adjusted in order to obtain the best-value for money in a highly optimized design.