March 25, 2018

EPIC Meeting on Infrared Imaging for Surveillance and Other Applications

by martamill3 in News

Beamagine will participate in the EPIC Meeting on Infrared Imaging for Surveillance and Other Applications, on 27-28 March 2018, at Grenoble, France.

Santiago Royo will present a seminar where he will present our contributions to infrared (IR) imaging technology based on lidar cameras, a key technology in the field of security and surveillance. He will present our latest achievements and perspectives on Lidar and time-of-flight imaging. Beamagine’s patented approach to lidar sensing enables very long-range measurements with large spatial resolution in real-time frame rates, based on a solid-state approach which has no moving elements. Such a lack of moving elements in the scanning or detection strategies position lidars as robust infrared-based imagers, in special regarding the reliability and lack of maintenance required for these systems under any climatic circumstance.

EPIC Meeting on Infrared Imaging for surveillance and other applications

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