At Beamagine we are devoted to develop lidar, Time-of-flight, electro-optical and single photon imaging systems, from our experience in combining optomechanics, electronics and software developed along twenty years of optical engineering practice.

Lidar imaging allows obtaining 3D images in real time using compact cameras, based on a laser pulse whose travel time to a distant target is measured. This pointwise measurement is converted into an image using some scanning strategy, enabling imaging with high resolution at very long distances.

At Beamagine we have developed a double-patented, new approach to 3D lidar image sensing which combines four key advantages over current commercial systems in a single Device. Our Technology enables Systems which are:

  • Cost effective
  • Operative in outdoor environments
  • Robust, with little maintenance as they have no moving elements
  • Based entirely in solid state technology

This makes our systems reconfigurable in raneg and setial resolution so they can be adjusted to a very large number of applications, including autonomous robotic systems and vehicles, security-based applications, and aeronautics, among many others.

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