Product description

The L3CAM is an innovative LIDAR camera based on a patented scanning system that enables the measurement in outdoor environments under strong background light conditions. It integrates a novel approach for background suppression that boosts the system performance towards long distance and high resolution imaging. Highly demanding applications in markets like maritime, security, defense, oil and gas and off-road robotic vehicles are possible, adjusting the parameters of the unit.

The system provides an unprecedented balance of performance combining high resolution 3D imaging with real-time frame rate. This is of special interest for applications that require fine detail measurement
in presence of moving objects such as obstacle detection and tracking, vehicle navigation or surveillance.

Finally, the performance figure can be tailored according to the enduser application requirements and budget. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs!

At a glance

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  • Patented design with no moving elements.
  • Maintenance free.
  • High point measuring rate up to 280K points/s
  • Real time frame rate to enable moving objects detection
  • High resolution 3D images
  • Camera shaped for easy integration
  • Sunlight tolerance thanks to the patented background suppression system
  • Tolerance to harsh environment through a proprietary multi-hit TDC that digitalizes up to 10 hits in each single shot.
  • Customizable on request for specific Applications